Photoshop (Starters) and HDR

During this workshop you will be get familiar with Adobe Photoshop. Fun and playful, while educating. You will learn about layers, masks and other tools to manipulate your images. You will be able to make people fly in a space station, or just adjust a wrongly exposed photo you shot. There are no limits, except for your own imagination. And you will be learning how to take photographs with later HDR image creation in mind. An HDR image means that your result has a broader light and color range than is possible with a camera or even your eyes. The results are vibrant images that look professional. Adjusting color, brightness, contrast Resizing, cropping, rotating Cut objects and people from their background Apply artistic effects Typing and typographic effects Retouch and apply lighting properly After taking this workshop, you won't be a professional, but you will know your way around Photoshop. We're going to have fun and learn a lot in the process. The theory and practice will be taught in small groups with time for questions or preferences.

Wat je nog moet weten

De docent is Keep the Moment
De les is speciaal voor beginners
Je krijgt 3 lessen van 3 uur
De lessen zijn op de Wagenstraat 123L 2512 AT Den Haag
Kosten zijn € 150,- . Visit website for discount options.

Photoshop (Starters) and HDR
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