Storytelling, documentary

This course is suitable for you when you know the basic techniques and love to learn about content and context. This course teaches you how to develop a visual signature by realizing a personal story. There are some breaks so you will have more time to do the assignments. Via various assignments the course participant learns how to tell his part of the story, because there is no such thing as a wrong vision or bad picture. It all depends on context and intended purpose. A topic helps to power up, or a word, or an idea. It all carries back by asking the right questions, while the challenge will be to answer with images, in pictures. That will be the core of the program: a journey with photographs that speak up for themselves (and so, for you), a report and fantasy at the same time. The created work will be discussed, ideas are put forward, the work of other photographers shown, and photographs taken with a self-made pinhole camera. Advanced documentary: Storytelling, a visual signature. Max. 8 students. 8 lessons of 3 hours.

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De docent is Keep the Moment
De les is speciaal voor gevorderden
Je krijgt 8 lessen van 3 uur
De lessen zijn op de Wagenstraat 123L 2512 AT Den Haag
Kosten zijn € 395,- discount options on the website

Storytelling, documentary
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