Jazz Vocals & scat (individual)

Jazz Singing is a priceless educational process, in which the singer is getting to know his/her voice, appreciates its multiple expressive potential and learns to use it as a musical instrument. Meanwhile, he/she discovers the magic of jazz music and improvisation and enjoys the unique experience of artistic expression and freedom! These individual lessons are specially designed to meet the needs of every student, in particular. We will work on the jazz standards repertoire practicing on songs of your choice or the ones that I find most appropriate, according to your needs/personal style. We'll explore your voice and analyze its needs, in order to quickly and effectively evolve the vocal technique, using a flexible combined methodology based on classical principles and CVT elements. On the other hand, we will also deepen into the development of the musical elements of jazz music, such as timing, phrasing, articulation, interpretation of the jazz standards and scat singing. The mission is to accomplish a "powerful" vocal instrument, making the best of all its range, volume and tone, which will allow the singer to acquire all the musical, expressive and improvisational skills, in order to be able to perform with musicality, self-confidence, creativity, freedom and pure joy! More details about the "work in progress" of this class: * Vocal Technique: - Management, support-control of breathing for singing. - Development of vocal tone, range and volume. - Mastering the use of the vocal colour palette by shaping the vocal tract. - Control of dynamics and frequencies of the voice. - Looking inside the larynx and getting to know the anatomy of the vocal instrument. - Understanding the way that the voice "works" as part of the human body. - Acquiring the method for "healthy" singing. - Vocal coaching: the direct application of the technique onto the song, as far as sound, articulation, stylistic expression and homogeneity of the voice are concerned. * Jazz Phrasing & Vocal improvisation (scat singing) - Swing feel: analysis of the eight triplet feel. Total grasping of the terms "time" and groove. - Understanding the form and absorbing the harmonic progression of the piece. - Rhythmic phrasing & Syncopation management. - Improvising the melody. - Mastering the jazz language, vocabulary & vocal improvisation (scat singing). - Rhythmic & melodic fluency, richness and accuracy. - Developing the vocalist's personal jazz style, cultivating his/her creativity, imagination and reinforcing his/her self-confidence and freedom of expression. - Obtaining the ability to improvise instantly on any given melody, over any harmonic progression or rhythmic context. - Achieving to be in a creative "interplay" within the jazz combo.

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De docent is Irini Konstantinidi
De les is speciaal voor beginners/gevorderden
Het aantal lessen en tijd is in overleg
De lessen zijn op de Koorenhuis
Kosten zijn €40 per 60 minutes, €35 per 45 minutes

Jazz Vocals & scat (individual)
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