Street photography/ documentary

Street Photography / Documentary Level: Intermediate Wednesday 26 april 19:00 - 22:00 after that each Thursday every two weeks. Teacher Leo van de Kleij. This is a course in street photography, documentary style, in which students will learn how to make their own series in spontaneous or more conceptual style. Lesson 1 will be at the school, getting to know each other, and I will do a lecture about some basic knowledges; camera, light, composition, ways of working etc. Also I will show work by other photographers and discuss this with the students. In lesson 2 we will go out on the street and walk around individually or in small groups, trying to make a set of photos in an hour and a half. Afterwards we go back to school, show the work in projection and talk about it. Everyone thinks about a subject he or she will do next time. Lesson 3 we hit the street again for an hour and a half, and focus on the idea one has developed since lesson 2. Again we show the work, after a little clipping this time (e.g. everybody gets 10 minutes to make a selection out of your photos) Lesson 4 starts with another lecture; I will show some books and series from different photographers, we will have a look at some webpages, I also will tell about tips and tricks concerning working in public spaces. Also every student proposes about the project he or she wants to do in the next lessons. Lesson 5 we will be on the street again, probably till late at night (it's about the longest day of the year!), everyone makes a series of photo's about her/his proposal as mentioned in lesson 4 Lesson 6-7 we will visit an exhibition in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, and go working on the street in that city as well, finishing the proposal from lesson 4 or adding some new viewpoints to it. Lesson 8 will be showing and evaluation of the work, and a talk about the way we're gonna do a presentation at the school (projection, prints, book e.g.). In 6 evenings we'll do theory at school and practice on the street. In two lessons on a Saturday from 10 AM-4 PM we will work together on the street and visit a relevant photo exhibition in Rotterdam or Amsterdam.

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De docent is Keep the Moment
De les is speciaal voor half gevorderd/gevorderd
Je krijgt 8 lessen van 3 uur
De lessen zijn op de Wagenstraat 123L 2512 AT Den Haag
Kosten zijn € 360,- Check the website for our discount options.

Street photography/ documentary
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