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Koorenhuis is the institute for art education for everyone in The Hague. Koorenhuis facilitates a network of freelance teachers (either working independently or as a part of a collective) providing lessons and courses in music, theatre, dance, visual arts and photography.
We offer art education programmes and comprehensive learning pathways for both primary and secondary schools in The Hague. In cooperation with various partners in the city, such as social and care institutions, Koorenhuis realizes special art projects in The Hague. Koorenhuis..... also where you do not expect it.


open-dag-web-20140621-19.jpgThe lessons and courses presented on this website are given by a select group of highly qualified teachers who form Koorenhuis Network. Combining the teachers' forces has enabled the Koorenhuis foundation to present a comprehensive range of courses in all art disciplines. Our website caters to the needs of everyone in The Hague (and outside). Each course description contains information about the course provider and/or teacher. The teacher is responsible for communication and appointments with the participants. The teacher will also provide practical information about e.d. course fees, location, duration and hours.

Projects with partners

Art education should be available to everyone. That is what we stand for and we give it our all. But we cannot do it on our own. That is why Koorenhuis is collaborating with various partners and is looking for new alliances. We would like to get in touch with partners, both big and small, who feel strongly about The Hague and are interested in creating opportunities for young talents and special people living there.

For more information about our projects contact wimbiesheuvel@koorenhuis.nl.

Managing director about art education

'The Koorenhuis mission is to facilitate high quality art education for all schools in The Hague. We do this by offering learning pathways catered to the school's needs and by providing professional art teachers in all art disciplines'.
gert jan.jpgGert Jan Bots, managing director Koorenhuis

We are proud of our teachers!

Koorenhuis works with about 120 professional art teachers who either have accredited teaching qualifications or have many years of teaching experience enabling them to teach at a professional level. A large percentage of our teachers combine teaching with a career as a practising or creative artist. These teachers give lessons at 25% of the primary schools in The Hague.


Staff members:
Gert Jan Bots, managing director: gertjanbots@koorenhuis.nl
Tjarda van der Steen, secretary: tjardavandersteen@koorenhuis.nl
Wilma Fioravanti, administrative assistant: wilmafioravanti@koorenhuis.nl
Lucienne de Roos, communication & PR, luciennederoos@koorenhuis.nl

Koorenhuis Network, information about courses and teachers: netwerk@koorenhuis.nl
Clara Mesdag, network co-ordinator: claramesdag@koorenhuis.nl
Kirsten de Boer, network co-ordinator: kirstendeboer@koorenhuis.nl
Maurits Nieuwdorp, administrative assistant: mauritsnieuwdorp@koorenhuis.nl

Contacts for primary and secondary schools
Annelies van Gent, anneliesvangent@koorenhuis.nl
Ardi Brouwer, ardibrouwer@koorenhuis.nl
Coen Wolfgram, coenwolfgram@koorenhuis.nl
Cynthia Pietersen, cynthiapietersen@koorenhuis.nl
Maurice Houdijk, mauricehoudijk@koorenhuis.nl

Projects with partnersmedewerkers koorenhuis 30 sep 2014.jpg
Wim Biesheuvel, wimbiesheuvel@koorenhuis.nl

Any questions or queries? Please contact 070 70 71 711 or info@koorenhuis.nl.

For more information about hiring (teaching) space please contact Prins27.


Opening hours and address

Mon-Thur 9:00-22:30 hrs
Fri 9:00-20:00 hrs
Sat 9:00-16:00 hrs
Sun closed

Prinsegracht 27
2512 EW The Hague

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Contact opnemen? ×

Heb je vragen?

U kunt ons bellen via: 070 - 707 17 22 of mail naar: info@koorenhuis.nl

Heb je vragen over het huren van een ruimte? Neem contact op met Prins27, 070 70 71 783 of 070 70 71 633

Voor het scannen van je ooievaarspas kun je langskomen: dinsdag-vrijdag 10-13 uur en van 15-16 uur in kamer 2.26, Prinsegracht 27

Onze locatie

Koorenhuis Centrum
Prinsegracht 27
2512 EW  Den Haag
Route auto


Ma - Do 9:00 - 22:30 uur
Vrij 9:00 - 20:00 uur
Zat 9:00 - 16:00 uur
Zo Gesloten

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