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In this course that will be completed in 12 weekly lessons, you will dive into vocal improvisation. This course is not focusing on jazz improvisation but covers all genres of music and gives you the tools to start creating your own musical statement, according to your style and choice of sound. We will explore your voice and its needs, in order to quickly and effectively develop the vocal technique, using a flexible combined methodology based on classical principles and CVT elements. The goal is to achieve your voice as an improvising instrument and enjoy the unique gift and personal expression and creativity that improvisation offers. Improvisation is considered to be a form of instant composing and during this unique cycle of 12 lessons, you will start thinking as a composer, creating music on the spot, using all possible means of inspiration and working on any musical idiom.

What you need to know

The lesson is special for all
You get 12 lessons
The lessons are at the choir house
Costs are € 40 per 60 minutes, € 35 per 45 minutes


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Passionate about jazz scatting and instant creativity!
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