In the individual singing lessons you’re going to sing a lot and we’re going to work on a healthy technique, timing, interpretation and improvisation. Working on technique can be f.e. working on breathing, breath support, reaching high or low notes and making more volume. You can choose your own songs and/or I can pick songs for you that I think are suitable. We can work on jazz and pop repertoire, but also on Brazilian samba, rock or musical songs. In the individual singing lessons personal development is very important: I will always look at what you need and what suits you best. I also think it’s important that you can try out many things at a musical and technical level in the lessons, and that you can always ask ‘silly’ questions. Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes and are meant for beginners and experienced singers. Date/time negotiable. Do you want to take lessons, have a trial lesson or do you want more information? Do not hesitate to contact me via this website, e-mail ( or telephone (06-45864662). Click on my name to read more about myself.

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De les is speciaal voor expats
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De lessen zijn op de Prinsegracht 27 (Koorenhuis)
Kosten zijn €20 (30 minutes) or €30 (45 minutes) (ex. 21 % tax for 21 years and older).


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